Un albergo panoramico dai colori mediterranei, immerso nel cuore verde di Ischia: l'assolata Forio


An enchanting park perfumed by the plants and essences of the Mediterranean maquis surrounds the Hotel Carlo Magno.

You will be able to enjoy the glowing beauty of the corollas of our flowers, strolling amidst superb exemplars of cactuses, in the exotic shade of palms surrounded by evergreen bushes, allowing you to assimilate the energy of nature, and the aromas and colours which proliferate all over the fertile land of Ischia.

The refreshing shade of our garden will welcome you during the day for an oxygenating pause. On summer evenings, when the scent of the flowers becomes more intense and mixes with that of the sea, the only lights will be the moon and the stars, the only sound the song of the cricket….

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